Wood Trick Egyptian Catapult 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Knowing our love of Trebuchets, Onagers and all things catapult here at Curious Minds, we couldn’t resist another! Our Egyptian themed catapult will not only look good, but it will transform just about any small object into a castle-conquering missile! Consisting of 106 pre-cut pieces, this construction puzzle is perfect for beginners and is the perfect tool to lay siege to your fort or castle. The clever design allows you to push the arm down where it will then lock into place, ready for you to take aim and propel your payload at the push of the trigger! This kit features: – A wooden model kit with clear, simple and highly detailed instruction and illustrations. – Made from safe and environmentally friendly plywood, all from responsibly sourced stocks without any added toxins or glues. – Suitable for children to make and play, although adult supervision is recommended.

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